“A very good book.” Charlie Watts
“A wonderful book for a wonderful chap.” Keith Richards

“When Out-Take’s Will Nash first approached me saying that a Tribute Book for Stu was a good idea, I never thought that such a magnificent and moving work of art would be the end result. The Stewart family have been greatly touched by the respect and affection for Stu that shines through on all the pages. We all knew that Stu was special – now hopefully many more people will realise it too. This very special and unique book is a ‘must have’ for all fans of the Rolling Stones and their music as well as for all lovers and collectors of fine books. The Stewart family are very proud to be a part of it.” Cynthia Dillane 

“What began as a celebration of a unique man, Ian Stewart, is actually a vital contribution to the story of 20th century culture. Publisher and Editor Will Nash, has not only created a beautiful book but a vital report about modern music.” Marsha Hunt 

“Once in a while a book manages to convey the text and fabric of the life of its subject.... STU is it. The man may have been grinning at the intent but will surely be smiling and more than a wee bit chuffed at the result. “ Andrew Loog Oldham 

“The book is brilliant – a wonderful testament to a man who was quite content to stay in the background, hardly noticed by the public – but loved by everyone who worked with him. His contributions are not forgotten.” Bill Wyman

“This is a wonderful book about a great unsung hero in the history of rock and roll, jazz and blues. A must see and read.” Ahmet Ertegun 

“Stu, the new special limited edition book by Will Nash’s Out-Take is nothing short of amazing. When I went through it the first time, my eyes welled up with tears of joy and sentimental memories. The photographs, both the ones of Stu and the ones taken by him are so incredible, telling a story all themselves. The text by those of us that knew and worked with him, including all the Stones, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and so many others paint a true and loving picture of him as a player, a friend and as the wonderful man he was. As for the presentation and quality of the book, I’ve simply never seen better. It’s beautiful to look at, beautiful to hold and a beautiful tribute to one of the best-loved musicians ever known.” Chuck Leavell

“Nothing you have ever read or seen about the Rolling Stones will be complete without this extraordinary and beautiful volume.” Gered Mankowitz 

“I was most taken aback by the dimension and weight of Stu, not to mention the goat skin cover, but mostly by the experience of reading it, it really exudes his presence, and gives one an intimate sense of who he was and what he did in his life. Thorough work, amazing! I can just see Stu’s reaction, a humble nodding of the head morphing into a proud, sparkling smile... as if he couldn’t believe this had really happened.” Giorgio Gomelsky 

“This book is fantastic! It is a wonderful reflection of an extraordinary man. It has been put together with such respect and affection and yet manages to retain complete honesty. My congratulations to Will Nash and Out-Take on an absolutely stunning piece of work.” Glyn Johns 

“To me it’s the best book I’ve read about the Rolling Stones.” Dominique Tarle 

“A magnificent salute to an unsung hero.” Jimmy Page