Out-Take Limited is the custodian of the Ian Stewart Photographic Collection.

Ian Stewart was an accomplished amateur photographer. Some of his early photographs of the Rolling Stones were reproduced in the Rolling Stones fan magazine; apart from that, his work is almost entirely unpublished, although a number of images were reproduced in Out-Take’s limited edition Tribute volume Stu.

A rare archive of material is available for license and publication in printed and digital media, contact us to discuss your requirements. A selection of edition archival photographic prints is offered for sale in various formats including Lambda C-type Prints as well as Platinum, Gravure and Carbon Prints. Each print is stamped and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

“Photography was one of Stu’s main interests. The Pentax camera, I think, was given to him by the Stones. They certainly gave him the telephoto lens because he got that for a birthday when they were on tour. He had his own darkroom so he would develop his films. That was one of his hobbies that gave him pleasure. I know he would have had absolutely no conception that his pictures could mean anything, in any shape or form, to anybody other than himself. I will say that he only ever took what interested him, or if he saw somebody that he really admired, like Duke Ellington or Ella Fitzgerald. That’s Stu, the photographer.”

Cynthia Stewart