Anita Pallenberg “Performance”

Compiled from interviews conducted at The River House, Cheyne Walk, London with Anita Pallenberg during 2001, 2002 & 2004 – the book was a privately published volume for the author containing images and personal recollections of her film and modelling career.

Publisher: Out-Take Limited/OT6 ©2006

Excerpt from Anita on Performance

“When I had signed a contract with Warner’s I then found out that I was pregnant, and they asked me to have an abortion. So that was actually for me quite a shocking experience. To do Performance, I had to have an abortion, and that did something to my psyche. That helped me, stepping up, because in those cases, that kind of trauma, you use drugs to kind of dull it. It’s a very nasty story.

It’s part of my life. It’s why I didn’t do any more movies because I was so upset at the way they treated people, that they didn’t actually say, ‘OK have a baby and then we’ll do the film.’ They made me terminate a pregnancy just for a film. I was pressurised That eventually set my frame of mind of never doing any more films.”

Mostly it was Donald’s fantasy, if he managed to realise them then he’d realise them. But he’d always... Part of his come-on was talking about getting that person into bed, like Brigitte Bardot - the more famous the better. And then he’d just fantasise about it. I remember once Christine Keeler was in St Tropez, and he tied her up to a chair. That was it, there was no sex involved. Wherever he could get away, usually they were like younger and very vulnerable women that he managed to get into bed. It was his fantasy world, just about everybody.
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